Friday, February 10, 2012

News on Prop 8!!!!!!!

Sorry folks, I guess i fell away from this blog a bit. But I would have to be dead not to post about the recent prop 8 news! So the basics is that some level headed court people decided that prop 8 was unconstitutional. Go figure!
Read more about how common sense wins at

Friday, February 18, 2011

Lets Talk about SEX

Lets Talk about SEX
My friend Will had some great things to say about Sex, and I wanted to share his thoughts with all of you. Please be sure to check out the original blog, he has plenty of good things to say!

Friday, November 12, 2010

I promise, in the next two weeks, to get to what I started this blog for. We must dialogue. Will do it, promise.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

THoughts about the suicides.

I wish Christian organizations would keep their mouths shut sometimes.
To anyone who has ever considered killing themselves because of their sexuality:
You are beautiful. Don't let anyone make you feel like you don't deserve to live. You are gifted, and significant. I have been where you are. It is sad enough the number of people who have already died this way. Live. You are someone special, and will do great things. Its ok that you are different. God loves you.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

dear Christians, stop making Christians who like the same sex cry.

The other night a close friend of mine called on the verge of tears.He had been at church and they were arguing about homosexuality. I wish people could see that side of the issue. The hurting people who are tired of being told that they are going to burn in Hell because of whom they love.Instead of seeing a faceless, evil, imorral being, people need to see the beautiful people who are no different from them. It is silly that this is even an issue. People are people, and love is love. No person should come back from church in tears. That is wrong. And that is not whom God has called anyone to be. If you want to take a stand, then understand what you are standing against. Don't hurt people because you were taught to believe a certain way. Their is never an excuse for hurting anyone, EVER. God is love. Thus we should love. It doesn't seem complicated to me.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

prop 8 unconstitutional!!!!!

A federal court ruled today that Prop 8 is unjust and unconstitutional. Even though it was voted in, it should never have been written in the first place, as it violates people's rights. I know there are people who are upset by this, and I am sure that some of you may even be. But, I think its a triumph. Its about rights, not about right of wrong. Each one of us are equal. This is America folks! We are a nation founded on equality and rights, not religion. Yes its taken time to progressively reach a point of equality for many different people groups but it is still what this country represents around the world! Please don't feel threatened by people who live differently than you. Don't be threatened by those who believe differently than you. DOn't be threatened by those who love differently than you. Life is not about fighting that which is uncomfortable. LIfe is about loving that which is different. If you believe homosexuality is sin, which many of you do, I understand what you are feeling, but think about this: fighting people from having the same rights as you, will not help them come away from their sinful life style. Opening your arms and loving them just might. Reacting with Hate and anger never helped a soul. So please think about this ruling instead of reacting.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Target= ANTI GAY

Target may not be as big of a name as the world dominating Walmart, however, we are all very familiar with that name. I know many who consider Target to be the lesser evil and choose it over Walmart. I discovered this morning that Target isn't as great as we have thought. What is wrong with them? They support organizations that fight against LGTBQ rights. One of the organizations they support sends out a rock band that teaches it is best to kill gays and lesbians because they deserve to die. They also support anti gay rights politicians, and other organizations that are against "homosexuals." A woman named Randi Rietan has started a movement, not only boycotting target, but going a step further. She goes to targets, makes a large purchase, then returns everything, explaining why she cannot keep the things with a clear conscience because she would be supporting hatred towards her son. Though you may not feel inclined nor need to protest in such a way, maybe you should think twice about making your purchases at Target. Just a thought.